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GEONETGround-Based Earth Observing Network
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A geonet is made using coconut fiber for slope enhancement to prevent landslides on shorelines and riverbanks.
Mike Overfield, right, managing director of Geonet Solutions, with fellow directors Jonny Overfield and Rosie Whelpton
Cooperative records showed that geonet production rose from five rolls in May 2014 to 50 rolls in September, while baled fiber output jumped from 1,800 kilograms to 3,200 during the period.
The strong quake struck offshore, with the epicenter about 170 km from Te Araroa and about 31 km deep, and was felt widely throughout New Zealand from the far north of the North Island Dunedin in the South Island, GeoNet seismologist Bill Fry said in a statement.
The quake was felt throughout much of the country according to the GeoNet agency, which collects earthquake information.
1] Jask can be found at GEOnet Names Server, at this link, by opening the Advanced Search box, entering "3067830" in the "Unique Feature Id" form, and clicking on "Search Database".
To shorten the time needed to provide a tsunami alert, they only used data from 50 GPS stations on the northeast coast of Japan, out of about 1200 GEONET stations available in the country.
php) topographic maps from DRC and GEOnet Names Server (http:// earth-info.
ICTL of Hitachi Europe was or is Partner in several EC- or national-funded project, like GeoNet, iTETRIS, PRE-DRIVE C2X, COVEL, PRISM, AutoI, Secricom, Phosphorus, DRIVE C2X and SCORE@F.
A scientist from Auckland's Geonet said: "The cause of the shaking is most likely the weight of the 50,000 fans dancing, as 50,000 fans is equal to around 5,000 tonnes of mass moving or moshing on the ground for the duration of the concert.