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GEOSGeosynchronous Earth Orbit Satellite
GEOSGraphic Environment Operating System
GEOSGlobal Earth Observing System
GEOSGlobal Episode Opinion Survey
GEOSGlobal Educational Opportunities and Services
GEOSGeodynamics Experimental Ocean Satellite
GEOSGlobal Entity Online System (Software Daten Service, Vienna, Austria)
GEOSGeodynamic Experimental Ocean Satellite
GEOSGeodetic Earth Observation Satellite
GEOSGeodesic Earth Orbiting Satellite
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Although it is not yet widely recognized, GEOS is architecturally the most advanced system software running on any level PC, yet it runs well on a system with an 8086 processor and 512K of memory.
With Breadbox's strong European presence, we are pleased that together we will be able to expand the areas in which we can offer GEOS developer classes.
law, Geoworks notes that this press release includes forward-looking statements, including the Company's intention to license certain technologies, third-party estimates concerning market growth, the establishment of key partnerships, and the timing and availability of porting technologies to the GEOS platform.
Featuring an open architecture, GEOS system software also allows users to personalize their HP OmniGo 120 Organizer Plus devices, expanding desired functionality by adding complementary applications from independent software vendors (ISVs).