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GEOSGeosynchronous Earth Orbit Satellite
GEOSGraphic Environment Operating System
GEOSGlobal Earth Observing System
GEOSGlobal Episode Opinion Survey
GEOSGlobal Educational Opportunities and Services
GEOSGeodynamics Experimental Ocean Satellite
GEOSGlobal Entity Online System (Software Daten Service, Vienna, Austria)
GEOSGeodynamic Experimental Ocean Satellite
GEOSGeodetic Earth Observation Satellite
GEOSGeodesic Earth Orbiting Satellite
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Under the arrangement, Breadbox will offer GEOS training classes throughout Europe.
The company has licensed its GEOS operating system to leading manufacturers such as Nokia, Ericsson, NEC, Toshiba Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, Brother International Corp.
The flexibility of the HP OmniGo 120 Organizer Plus -- including pen- and keyboard-input capabilities and a rotatable screen -- was enabled by the GEOS operating system's flexible user interface, which supports multiple interface designs.