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GEQGraphic Equalizer
GEQGreater Than or Equal To
GEQGreater or Equal
GEQGroup Environment Questionnaire (group cohesion)
GEQGood Enough Quality
GEQGain Equalizer (fiber optics)
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The GEQ consists of 38 questions on a 5 point Likert Scale.
The GEQ and SMS were alternately ordered in the packets to avoid any biases that may have arisen due to questionnaire placement.
Before starting any mental training, baseline psychological testing was conducted in which MST lugers completed the GEQ prior to practice and the CSAI-2 prior to their first practice run.
All participants completed the demographic questionnaire, GEQ, TIQ, and social desirability questionnaires.
The participants completed the questionnaire containing demographic items, the GEQ, and the collective efficacy items.
The other page contained the GEQ (Carron, Widmeyer, & Brawley, 1985), a nine-choice Likert scale scored so that high scores indicate the tendency to perceive a great deal of cohesion.
The GEQ measures four components of cohesion: a) a member's Attraction to the Group-Task (AGT, 4 items); b) a member's Attraction to the Group-Social (AGS, 5 items); c) a member's Integration into the Group-Task (GIT, 5 items); and d) a member's Integration into the Group-Social (GIS, 4 items).
The following dates apply to distributions for AGC, AVK, FMO, GBAB, GEQ, GOF and MZF:
Guggenheim Equal Weight Enhanced Equity Income Fund (NYSE: GEQ or the "Fund") has declared its initial quarterly dividend of $0.
The four components measured by the GEQ are: (a) Attraction to the Group-Task, (b) Attraction to the Group-Social, (c) Group Integration-Task, and (d) Group Integration-Social.