GERGGeochemical and Environmental Research Group
GERGGeneral Evolution Research Group (est. 1984)
GERGGeotechnical Engineering Research Group (University of Dundee)
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With the recent deployment of FiberSIM software, powered by VISTAGY's unique EnCapta([R]) technology, GERG is creating complex racing car parts made of advanced composites, including the wings and struts.
GERG plans to quickly expand its use of the software for all future design and manufacturing projects in order to reduce cycle times and costs.
The GERG Group is growing quickly and is an influential composites manufacturing partner in the Formula One industry, so we needed more sophisticated model-based design software specialized for composites," said Benno Haerdl, head of composites at The GERG Group.
After the GERG document was published in Europe, ultrasonic suppliers worked with the American Gas Association (AGA) to obtain approval of a similar document in the United States.
In Europe, an organization called GERG published a technical monograph in 1995 that accomplished for Europe much of what is accomplished for the United States by the approval of AGA-9, GERG is an association of nine European natural gas companies.
1992, Navarro & Thompson 1997, Gergs & Rothhaupt 2008), and the provision of hard substrates for other animals (Werner & Rothhaupt 2007).
PLB is an endogenous inhibitor of SERCA2a and is therefore a potential target for the modulation of SERCA2a activity (Primola-Gomes and Campos, 2009; Sugita, 2008; Gergs et al.