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GERMGeochemical Earth Reference Model
GERMGood Electronic Records Management (conference)
GERMGlobal Equity Risk Management
GERMGenetically Evolved Receptor Model
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By various gestures he seemed to be trying to explain something to her and at last she caught at the germ of his idea--that her white man was a prisoner there.
But, it was the germ from which the full-grown trunk of Gruff and Tackleton had sprung; and, under its crazy roof, the Gruff before last, had, in a small way, made toys for a generation of old boys and girls, who had played with them, and found them out, and broken them, and gone to sleep.
The upshot of all these reasonings was, that his Highness the Prince Stadtholder of Holland would feel infinitely obliged to the magistracy of the Hague if they simplified for him the government of the Seven Provinces by destroying even the least germ of conspiracy against his authority.
And yet the germ he had implanted must be at work; he was confident of that, though he was without confidence as to the result.
He had been run down, and he had not had the strength to throw off the germ of disease which had invaded his system.
It was during this struggle that it was suggested that a new plague- germ had originated, that in some way or other a sort of hybridization between plague-germs had taken place, producing a new and frightfully virulent germ.
The book was only a moderate success, but in it we may find the germ of all Scott's later triumphs.
In this sense the Boeotian poetry may be taken to have its germ in maxims similar to our English
For nature is of one kindred; and every soul has a seed or germ which may be developed into all knowledge.
Besides painting pictures they published a very short-lived periodical, 'The Germ,' containing both literary material and drawings.
A LITTLE reason, to be sure, a germ of wisdom scattered from star to star-- this leaven is mixed in all things: for the sake of folly, wisdom is mixed in all things!
If her talent had been ten-fold greater than it was, it would not have surprised him, convinced as he was that he had bequeathed to all of his daughters the germs of a masterful capability, which only depended upon their own efforts to be directed toward successful achievement.