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GERNGroupe Européen de Recherches sur les Normativités (Guyancourt, France)
GERNGames and Education Research Network (University of Bristol; UK)
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Gern and Humair's letter--and used American Ixodes ticks as vectors.
Gern and Humair express commitment to the concept that different European spirochetal genospecies perpetuate simultaneously in distinct kinds of vertebrate reservoir hosts.
Gern developed her program with the help of licensed geriatrician, Dr.
CONTACT: Francesca Gern of Body Sculpting by Exterior Designs, Inc.
To make her first entrepreneurial effort easier, Body Sculpting's Gern provided Hogan, who has no previous background in physical fitness, with all of the tools needed to launch her business.
Since there's no dancing, jumping, stepping or choreography to learn, anyone can participate," Gern added.
My biggest desire is to get this offered in every community nationwide," added Gern.
Gerns is currently a member of the board of advisors of the UCLA Anderson School of Management Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and a member of the board of directors of the California Council on Economic Education.
Gerns declined to answer questions about whether someone else had disturbed the site.
Gerns as a member of our board of directors," said Peter Leparulo, chief executive officer for Novatel Wireless.
Gerns brings to Novatel Wireless more than twenty five years of operational and finance experience having participated in the founding and dramatic growth of numerous high-tech companies which played a significant role in the computer industry, including Scientific Data Systems (later Xerox Data Systems), a computer company which was at the vanguard in adoption of integrated circuits and silicon transistors for large workload-focused machines; Computer Machinery Corporation, Cipher Data Products, a developer of high capacity drive systems and related electronic storage devices; and Rexon, Inc.
Gerns is a member of the Board of Advisors of the UCLA Anderson School of Management Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, a member of the Board of Directors of the California Council on Economic Education, and has taught as a professor of business management at Pepperdine University.