GESACGroupement Européen des Sociétés d’Auteurs et Compositeurs (French: European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers)
GESACXiamen Golden Egret Special Alloy Co. Ltd. (various locations)
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Address : Uffici Direzionali GESAC Aeroporto di Capodichino
br) followed with its three DI programs : Digital Cities (around 10 pilot projects), Community Telecenters (6611 Points of Digital Inclusion--PDIs, implemented in all of Brazil), and GESAC Program (MENDONCA, 2008), (with 11 385 points of presence in 4835 municipalities), this action features as a structure supporting more than 28 (twenty-eight) projects and programs: www.
However, GESAC wants to be sure that this directive on collective management will allow small societies to access the market "on the same conditions" as the big ones, that the internal governance of societies will remain that of their members (the authors) and that the text will set rules applicable to non-European societies.
For the fourth principle, which GESAC has always approved, the legal specifics of each country should be taken into account, she concludes.
O GESAC e um programa do Ministerio das Comunicacoes que oferece gratuitamente ferramentas de tecnologia da informacao e comunicacao, especialmente conectividade, recursos digitais e capacitacao para multiplicadores, em todo o territorio brasileiro, por meio de uma plataforma de rede, servicos e aplicacoes, para promover inclusao digital e acoes de governo eletronico (Ministerio das Comunicacoes, 2008).
On this point, the GESAC bases its position on the 2001 directive on copyright and related rights, which states that there can be an exception for private copying, but that provision must be made for compensation.
Cleaning service of the Terminal, the areas for the ordinary roads, the buildings in the airport, the office buildings of GESAC and other operators.
Although it is prepared to resume dialogue, the GESAC warns: the different problems can be addressed (border sales, e-trade, rates, etc) but the discussion must remain within the framework of "the exception of private copying" recognised by the 2001 directive on copyright in the information society.
825, de 17 de dezembro de 2008--Apoio a participacao do Programa GESAC e do Programa Inclusao Digital--Telecentros Comunitarios na convergencia de acoes e producao colaborativa de conteudo as iniciativas de inclusao digital.