GESPGIG (Global Information Grid) Enterprise Service Profile
GESPGender Equity Support Project (Canadian International Development Agency)
GESPGuaranteed Energy Savings Program (Pennsylvania)
GESPGas Entrainment Suppressor Plates
GESPGender Equity Support Programme (Sudan)
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7) Existing implementations of GESP are column-based, not multifrontal.
Tookes, president, Government Engine Business at P&W GESP.
Yet, there are fairly meticulous descriptions of some events, such as apparent GESP feats associated with the hypnotized Alexis Didier, that were convincing not only to the foremost magician/ mentalist of the time, Houdin, but remain as difficult to explain through conventional mechanisms now as then (Gauld, 1992).
Using this program today, GESP expects to realize approximately $350,000 a year in reduced operating costs.
Its space operations include liquid rocket propulsion at P&W's GESP, West Palm Beach, Fla.
Its space operations include liquid rocket propulsion at P&Ws GESP, West Palm Beach, Fla.
Furthermore, the author argues that all GESP experiments are open to a PK interpretation because, in agent-percipient ESP experiments, the psychokinetic influence of the agent upon the percipient can never be ruled out.