GEXPGovernment Expenditure
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The variables used in the model include: GDP gross domestic product, GGDI gross domestic investment growth, GFDI growth of foreign direct investment, GEXP export growth, INLF inflation (Which is itself to grow, so does not account for the growth rate) INTER and that this variable is obtained from the multiplicative effect of FDI and GDI variables OP (the degree of economic openness) and HK (human capital) is includes FDIOP and FDIHK and GDIOP and GDIHK.
Our variables other than decentralisation are found significant except GEXP.
Md, Ms, PI, Y, Bt, TR, and Xt are all endogenous, while EP, GENB, CR, GEXP, PXP, PMt, CSI, RPFE and EER are all exogenous variables, which have already been defined.