GFLOPGiga-Floating Point Operations
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61 GFLOPS or giga floating-point operations per second under a standard benchmark measurement called Linkpack-HPC, NEC said in a news release.
Plurality's 64-core design delivers up to 32 GIPS and 8 GFLOPS performance when operating at 500MHz in 65 nm GP process.
The board includes the AMD GX-210HA dual-core processor, combined on a single die with AMD Radeon HD 8210E discrete-class graphics, providing 85 GFLOPS compute performance while drawing only 9 watts.
Gizmo 2 is one of the highest performing development boards available with 85 GFLOPS performance, ideal for those looking to supplement or replace entry-level platforms.
Advantech, a global manufacturer of telecom computing blades and multicore processor platforms, has developed the DSPC-8681 multimedia processing engine (MPE), a half-length PCIe card with more than 500 GFLOPs of performance at an extreme low power consumption of 50W.
The SGI Origin 3800 server is configured with 512 MIPS R12000 400 MHz processors, 410 GFLOPS of computational capacity, 512GB of aggregate memory size and 4TB of hardware disk storage.
The foundation technology is QI2S HyperCore a custom high-performance 80 GOPS / 20 GFLOPS space-borne Many-Core computing platform; QSBB, a software interpreter with a finite number of finely honed building blocks for HS data on board processing and interpretation, will be developed to fit HyperCore; QMDL, QI2S HS imaging interpretation-mission command language will enable fast-turnaround reconfiguration devoid of elaborate time consuming testing.
0 TFLOPS of single precision performance and 400 GFLOPS of double precision floating point performance in a single-slot, 150W solution with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, enabling breakthrough compute density.
The Mercury PowerBlock 50 establishes a new class of rugged embedded computing, with up to 172 GFLOPS of processing power in a choice of Freescale, Xilinx, or P.
The NPN240 features two NVIDIA[R] CUDA-capable GT240 96-core GPUs, enabling it to deliver up to 750 GFLOPS peak per card slot (depending on the application).
38 GFLOPS divided by node cost of $3,500 as reported on http://www.
With up to 528GMACs of multiply-and-accumulate performance and over 190 GFLOPS of single-precision, floating-point DSP performance, the new device offers developers of broadcast video, medical imaging, wireless communication, defense, and high-performance computing applications the world's highest performing reconfigurable DSP solution.