GFMISGovernment Financial Management Information System
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The Financial Operations Department discussed a number of projects and financial regulations adopted by the Ministry such as the financial and administrative federal system - GFMIS, Smart BI reporting system, automated budgeting system and visual analysis of the Federal Government, in addition to the government finance statistics reports.
By 2001, the system had failed, and even to this day after considerable additional support from the IMF and the World Bank, a proper GFMIS has not been implemented at the Federal level.
Hosting its own certificate server, the Thai government is able to not only provide secure access to their GFMIS, but also allow users to digitally sign subsequent documents," said Kris Nawani, international business manager at Bangkok Systems and Software Co.
As part of this strategy, a phased approach to development and implementation of GFMIS has been proposed, with Phase I focusing on improving the efficiency of the core functions of CGA i.