GFMSGold Fields Mineral Services
GFMSGuaranty Fund Management Services (Boston, MA)
GFMSGlobal Financial Management System (US State Department)
GFMSGeospatial Feature Manipulation Services
GFMSGreenbank Folk Music Society (Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada)
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Thomson Reuters has published the GFMS Gold Survey: H1 2017 Review and Outlook.
125[degrees] resolution to maintain consistency with the current GFMS using TMPA and to allow for a direct comparison of the real-time TMPA and IMERG products and consequent differences in flood calculations.
The archipelago in Southeast Asia, according to GFMS Gold Survey 2016, produced 134.
GFMS relies on precipitation data from NASA's Earth observing satellites.
The major factor that has changed the upward trend in gold prices to a downward trend are, according to GFMS, institutional investors switching to assets such as equities and government bonds, whose yields are rising as quantitative easing programmes are wound down.
Hasta 1492, GFMS estima que se sacaron de la tierra 12 mil 780 toneladas de oro, ano en el cual Cristobal Colon llego al continente que seria llamado America.
For copies outside North America, please contact Thomson Reuters GFMS by phone at +44 (0) 20 7542 1682.
A report by Thomson Reuters GFMS Gold Survey 2012 noted that gold investment swelled to record levels in dollar terms last year at an approximate USD 87 billion.
According to GFMS forecast, demand of silver on behalf of the industry will grow up to 665.
8220;Thomson Reuters GFMS, which produces benchmark supply and demand statistics for the gold market have also forecast that the fresh wave of investor interest would drive prices sharply higher and when Reuters make such comments the markets listen,” Haye added.
GFMS has forecast that global supply will reach 250 tonnes in 2012 and there will be a surplus of 195,000 ounces ( six tonnes).
London: Gold may climb to a record above $2,000 an ounce by early next year as concern about currencies and low interest rates spurs investors to seek a protection of wealth, Thomson Reuters GFMS said in its report.