GFOPGolden Flowery Orange Pekoe (tea)
GFOPGreat Friend of the Pod (soccer)
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Then there is a choice of origin tea, such as Ceylon tea, Yunnan GFOP, Darjeeling Jungpana, Lapsong Souchong, Assam Mangalam, Keemun; then come what Hediard call their Blue Green Teas, such as Oolong Fancy from Taiwan, Ti Kan Yin Oolong which is a slightly fermented tea; their Green Tea, such as White Monkey, Chung Hao Jasmin tea; an exceptional Ying Zhen white tea, fruit flavored teas, green teas and white tea; in other words teas for all occasions.
Among his first flush Darjeelings, he ticks off the Namring Upper (crop 91), Longvlew TGFOP (crop 90), Seeyok (crop 91) and in second flush, the Jungpana, Castleton FTGFOP1 and Tumsong TGFOP1 (crop 90); among the assams to Jontollee GFOP and Ethelwood STGFOP.