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GGEgradient gel electrophoresis (HDL or LDL measurements)
GGEGraduate Group in Ecology
GGEGallon Gas Equivalent
GGEGoogle Gadgets Editor (software)
GGEGod's Green Earth
GGEGrupo Gênese de Ensino (Brazilian school)
GGEGeneralized Glandular Enlargement
GGEGoGreenEnergy, LLC (marketing firm; Santa Cruz, CA)
GGEGuelph Gay Equality
GGEGreat Games Experiment (social networking)
GGEGolden Gate Estates (Florida)
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The UN GGE has been a key and constant part of this journey, the main highway, where other fora represented minor motorways.
GGE biplot analyses were carried out using GenStat 12th edition (Genstat, 2009) as described by Yan (2001).
We entreat the High Contracting Parties participating in the GGE to work hard at finding means to prevent an arms race in these weapons, to protect civilians from their misuse, and to avoid the destabilizing effects of these technologies," the letter read.
Moreover, whereas some states hope to revive the GGE process or enlarge it into a broader U.
A call for an establishment of a GGE was a result of the recommendation made by the Informal Meeting of Experts held in April 2016, for which the mandate was given by the 2015 Meeting of High Contracting Parties to the CCW presided by Ambassador Ravinatha Aryasinha, the Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka in Geneva.
GGEs are characterized by prepackaged, ready-to-eat prepared food items, typically entrees and not only "snack" foods, offered for sale from either a self-service heated or chilled merchandiser with little or no customer preparation required (e.
The GGE on Space TCBMS was set up by the Secretary General of the United Nations in 2011 and early 2012, following the adoption of UNGA Res.
For a guarantee, the GGE is lower than for a loan and for tax measures the GGE corresponds to the amount of the gross tax benefit.
The GGE biplot shows the first two principal components (PC1 and PC2, also referred to as primary and secondary effects, respectively) derived from subjecting environment- centered yield data (the yield variation due to GGE) to singular value decomposition [18].
After the GGE Camp nonprofit corporation was founded to support the camp, subsequent GGE camps were held at Camp Gilmont, beginning in June of 2006.
1988), cujo modelo e baseado em efeitos principais aditivos e interacao multiplicativa; e o modelo GGE biplot (genotype main effects + genotype environment interaction), proposto por YAN et al.