GGFGGolden Gate Financial Group (San Francisco, CA)
GGFGGovernor General's Foot Guard (Canadian Forces Reserves)
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Although he is quick to admit he cannot imagine the trials and tribulations the PPCLI went through in Afghanistan, Mesic says his time in the GGFG has changed his outlook and given him a greater sympathy for the sacrifices they made.
For the rest of the GGFG though, the worst thing they have to fend off is dripping sunscreen.
Francis and Blois represent the two sides of the GGFG, one a musician, the other from the infantry.
Joining the GGFG was exactly the challenge Emir Mesic, the strong and silent type, was looking for.
Joining the GGFG is not a decision made without trepidation and some contemplation.