GGFRGlobal Gas Flaring Reduction (public-private partnership)
GGFRGround Government Flight Representative
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GGFR, Gas Flaring Down for Fifth Consecutive Year, THE NEWS FLARE, Mar.
The GGFR partners have established a collaborative Global Standard for gas flaring reduction.
In sum, GGFR facilitates viable solutions to gas flaring reduction and helps partners unlock the value of currently wasted natural gas to improve energy efficiency, expand access to energy, and contribute to climate change mitigation and sustainable development.
Dupin acknowledged there was complexity in methodologies for qualification for carbon credits within the framework of the Clean Development Mechanism but that the GGFR partnership was working at simplification and had made progress.
We understand that Kuwait was to join the GGFR partnership.
However, the general understanding is that the GGFR figures are conservative.
GGFR is challenging the industry to develop and find methods and technologies to enhance the reduction of flaring, but the group is not setting standards or priorities for solutions.
2 bcm in 2008, says the latest available data released by GGFR.
Brazil's Petrobras, in collaboration with GGFR, agreed to explore gas flaring reduction opportunities.
High-level representatives from QP and the World Bank, who are also participating in the United Nations Climate Change Conference, signed the respective documents, including the administrative agreement for Qatar's participation in the fourth phase of the GGFR partnership, covering the period between 2013 and 2015.
By cooperating with GGFR, KOC expects to reduce flaring to less than one percent of associated gas production at the earliest possible.
The World Bank led initiative, the GGFR, is a globally recognised flare mitigation programme within the oil and gas industry.