GGGGGarland Good Government Group (Hot Springs, AR)
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Thus, the addition of points to the group by the Market was contingent on IBC combinations RGGG (addition of 36 points) and GGGG (addition of 60 points) and the subtraction of points was contingent on IBC combinations RRRG (subtraction of 36 points) and RRRR (subtraction of 60 points).
In Condition C, the IBC RGGG (aggregate product = 37) produced 36 points and the IBC GGGG (aggregate product = 28) produced 60 points.
In the second and third sessions (third A--x-axis) the participants in the GNV group started to present the combination GGGG in Condition C and RRRG in Condition B.
The more persistent pattern emitted by this group was GGGG (aggregate product = 28) in Condition C and RRRR (aggregate product = 64) in Condition B.
In order to demonstrate the flexibility of the software, we modified the configuration file so that the definition for polymers (filter f-poly) is relaxed to accept AAAA, UUUU, GGGG and CCCC.