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GGHGuelph General Hospital
GGHGolden Gates Housing (UK)
GGHGas-Gas Heater
GGHGeneralized Geometry Holdup
GGHGood Going, Hun
GGHGlory Glory Halleluia
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There are differences in the occurrence of GGH 401T, RFC1 80A and MDR1 1236T variant alleles within Indian population.
Application of GGH technology, which is still about a decade away from wide-spread application, would allow researchers to characterize the karyotypes of large numbers of children with mental retardation and multiple malformations.
Ages ago, they had a tankard with a whistle in the handle and you blew it for a top up - GGH.
Four micrograms of total RNA from each brain region were used as a template for reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) with primer sets representing three regions of sequence conservation in flavivirus genomes: NS3-1 (EDL/Fla-U5004, 5'--GGA ACD TCM GGH TCN CCH AT and EDL/Fla-L5457, 5'--GTG AAR TGD GCY TCR TCC AT), NS5-1.