GGHCGreen Guide for Health Care (green construction best practices)
GGHCGeorge Gustav Heye Center (New York)
GGHCGlobal Green Hospitality Consortium (Global Green Energy Consortium; Naples, FL)
GGHCGreenspan Good Health Center (Oregon)
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In 2000, Emden and Desino arranged a 50,000 s/f lease for GGHC at the General Motors Building, 767 Fifth Avenue, which was later subleased to the U.
Additionally, the GGHC recommends using GREENGUARD Certified interior adhesives, sealants, and paints.
More than 1,600 people have already registered to download the new pilot version of GGHC.
On the contrary, GGHC services are designed to facilitate the implementation of sustainable initiatives industry-wide.
Among the resources provided by GGHC is a property certification program that offers up front recognition for implementation of green best practices - a tremendous value to both hotels and consumers.
GGHC sustainability and green energy solutions certification will provide the industry with the opportunity to achieve desired ROIs.
GGHC will provide access to consortium certified products, solutions and services, facilitate communications between vendors and end users, and promote interoperability between products.
A primary goal of GGHC is to foster interaction among manufacturers to define and agree on standards and protocols.