GGHCGreen Guide for Health Care (green construction best practices)
GGHCGeorge Gustav Heye Center (New York)
GGHCGlobal Green Hospitality Consortium (Global Green Energy Consortium; Naples, FL)
GGHCGreenspan Good Health Center (Oregon)
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In 2000, Emden and Desino arranged a 50,000 s/f lease for GGHC at the General Motors Building, 767 Fifth Avenue, which was later subleased to the U.
In particular, the GGHC outlines the health issues involved in every single credit of the guideline.
Designed before LEED or the GGHC were well known, it provides important respite and activity space for the entire hospital community.
Because of the multidisciplinary design teams and integrated systems required for healthcare facilities, the Integrated Design Process is a prerequisite in both the GGHC and LEEDHC as well as in the Sustainable Sites Initiative.
The GGHC can be downloaded for no charge for view of the sustainable sites section in the version 2.
Among the resources provided by GGHC is a property certification program that offers up front recognition for implementation of green best practices - a tremendous value to both hotels and consumers.
GGHC sustainability and green energy solutions certification will provide the industry with the opportunity to achieve desired ROIs.
That being said, some significant developments are in the works, both with GGHC and LEED, in their combined quest to provide well-researched, expert guidelines to the healthcare design community.
52% are considering use of the GGHC or LEED rating system.
LEED-HC bypasses the customary pilot program by using a comment process, called GGHC Public Project Input, from more than 100 participating facilities to fine tune the ranking system.
Taking on the task of ensuring greener operations, Sharon Warner completed the Eco-checklist from Practice Greenhealth that was adopted from the GGHC Operations Guide.
Pebble Partners continue to make ripples and are leading the way to greener healthcare, whether by pursuing a level of certification from LEED or the GGHC, or becoming a member hospital of Health Care Without Harm, Practice Greenhealth, EnergySmart, or the Global Health and Safety Initiative.