GGHTGolden Gates Housing Trust (UK)
GGHTGreen Grass and High Tides (song by The Outlaws, also seen as GGAHT)
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The second phase of the project will contain implementation of additional functionality and deployment of the GGHT corporate website using Microsoft SharePoint 2010.
ISG technology's SharePoint certified team of specialists will be working on the development and implementation of an effective SharePoint 2010 solution for GGHT.
GGHT required a system upgrade that would not impact the work day or disrupt service to their customers.
I'm confident that our new long term relationship with ISG technology will bear fruit for GGHT at a challenging time in the development of our business,” said Steve Lamb, Head of ICT and BPR, GGHT.
Over the next six months work to the properties will include the installation of a new roof and Solar PV (solar panel) systems, which is being installed by GGHT s own in house maintenance team.
GGHT s Energy Officer will be visiting every tenant prior to work starting, helping to give them a better understanding of the new technologies fitted in their home and explain how they can make best use of these to save energy and money.
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