GGIGeneral Graphics Interface
GGIGoldense Group, Inc. (Needham, MA)
GGIGuilty Gear Isuka (game)
GGIGold’s Gym International
GGIGPS Geoscience Instrument
GGIGold to Gold Interconnect (alternative die attach process to gold wire bonding)
GGIGrandview Gold Inc. (Canada)
GGIGlobal Grid Initiative
GGIGlobal Growth Initiative
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David Terrien, managing partner of GGI Entertainment, said: "Driving activities are fast becoming very popular in the UAE.
GGI openers Pervez and Haroon hammered the Pak Kashmir bowlers all over the ground to plunder 191 runs for the first wkt as Pervez Baig blasted 102 runs in 52 balls studded with 9 fours and 5 huge sixes and Haroon was unlucky to miss the ton by 5 runs to make 95 in 50 balls with the help of 5 sixes and 9 fours to get to 220 for 4.
She called on Ferdinand to dissociate himself from GGI, particularly because of his relationship with Unicef.
The annual fee income of GGI members is estimated at more than $4 billion.
Tony Martinez provided the land lots and he operates the gas stations under an exclusive relationship with GGI regarding branding of the gas station and supply of gas, lubricants and any other oil product for 15 years.
Control mean--Treated mean/Control mean] x 100 (Control group GGI = 0%, representing 100% growth) * Significantly different at the p < 0.
David Gold, GGI chairman, said the deal with his brother was the culmination of discussions over who would inherit the business.
GGI European Tuning, a North- and Central-American exclusive importer of Carlsson, Hatge, and Sportec premium European Tuning Products, has introduced its new Carlsson 1/5 Evo Ultra Light, the world's lightest 21-inch wheel, in the United States.
The GGI process is a high precision interconnect method for flip chip die attach that uses the same thermosonic techniques used in gold wire bonding.
GGI secured corporate donations for six outdoor containers and $250 toward the purchase of recycling bins.
All GGI isolates contained an IGS sequence of 663 bp compared with 690 bp in all GGII isolates.