GGVGranite Global Ventures (investment company)
GGVGNOME Ghostscript Viewer (software)
GGVGrand Griffon Vendeen (dog breed)
GGVGram Ganarajya Vedike (Indian political group)
GGVGreen Garden Visit (environmental awareness program; Canada)
GGVGeneral Gaming Videos
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The company is funded by top venture capital firms GGV Capital and ZhenFund.
I have a lot to thank you for, not only for guesting here on GGV.
The 2015 Most Powerful Chinese Women in the World by Forbes Name Rank Title Category Organization Lucy Peng #33 CPO Technology Alibaba Group Ching Ho #43 CEO Business Temasek Margaret Chan #62 Director NGO WHO Liyuan Peng #68 First Lady Politics China Xin Zhang #69 CEO Real Estate SOHO China Solina Chau #78 Cofounder Technology Horizon Ventur Chen Yao #82 Actress Celebrity China Jenny Lee #98 Managing Partner Technology GGV Capital Name Marital Status Age Education Lucy Peng Married 43 BA (China) Ching Ho Married 63 MA (USA) Margaret Chan Married 68 MD (USA) Liyuan Peng Married 53 MA (China) Xin Zhang Married 50 MA (UK) Solina Chau Unknown 54 BA (Australia) Chen Yao Married 36 BA (China) Jenny Lee Married 43 MA (USA)
Lee joined GGV Capital in 2005 as a managing partner and was instrumental in setting up the GGV presence in China.
Viruses were KOWV strain MRM1243, Tagged virus (TAGV) strain MI14850, TRUV thought to be strain MRM3630 (11,12), GGV strain NB6057, and YACV strain NB6028 (13).
Investors include Banyan Capital, GGV Capital, Morningside Ventures, Shunwei Capital Partners.
4m) through a seed funding round led by venture capital firm GGV Capital.
Here, companies like Baidu believe they have an advantage because of their experience with customers who are relatively new to the Internet, says Jixun Foo, a managing partner at the venture capital firm GGV Capital and an early investor in Baidu at a previous firm.
Last year it raised $60 million in venture capital from Matrix Ventures, GGV Partners and other venture firms as well as from Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS).
The Golden Gate virus, GGV, was found in a boa constrictor also from the academy.
The company has raised $125 million in venture funding from Foundation Asset Management, Oak Investment Partners, Venrock, GGV Capital and Gabriel Venture Partners.
The series D round was led by Foundation Asset Management and included existing investors Oak Investment Partners, Venrock, GGV Capital and Gabriel Venture Partners.