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GGZGeestelijke Gezondheids Zorg (Dutch: Mental Health Care)
GGZGnu Gaming Zone
GGZGaming Ground Zero
GGZGemeenschappelijke Gezondheidsdienst Zeeland (Dutch: Municipal Health Zealand)
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De Zeeuw M, Brok C and van Andel HWH, Handboek Pleegouder-Pleegkind Interventie voor Pleegzorgwerkers [Foster carer-Foster child Intervention Manual for Foster Care Workers], Deventer: Dimence GGZ, 2010
GGZ Nederland's probation department is a national organization specializing in programs for substance abuse and mental health.
The UV high pressure mercury (HPM) lamps [4] of the straight pipe type GGZ 6000 (made in China) are several centimeters away from the central axis [9] of wire.
CONTACT: Jacques Van Hoof of GGZ Oost Brabant, +31-73-844-78-55, or jjm.
Goldman Sachs Technologies Subindexes Exercise- Settlement CUSIP Index Symbol Value Number GSTI Hardware Index Options GHA GHZ 12485B GSTI Internet Index Options GIN GGZ 12484D GSTI Multimedia Networking Index Options GIP GPZ 12485B GSTI Semiconductor Index Options GSM GMZ 12485E GSTI Services Index Options GSV GVZ 12485D GSTI Software Index Options GSO GSZ 12485Y