GHACGreater Hartford Arts Council (Hartford, Connecticut)
GHACGolden Horseshoe Athletic Conference (Canada)
GHACGreater Houston Aquarium Club (Texas)
GHACGlobal Health Advisory Committee (University of North Carolina)
GHACGrowth Hormone Advisory Committee (Australia)
GHACGraduate Housing Advisory Committee (various universities)
GHACGuangzhou Honda Automobile Co. (China)
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After the SSB had been exposed and filled with contrast agent, the SSB was evident on MR images, and no hyperintensity was observed in GHAC [Figure 1]f and [Figure 1]h.
sup][1] who demonstrated that a thin wall was constantly present between GHAC and SSB.
We are honored to be recognized by the USGBC - GHAC for our commitment to sustainability," says Bob Carlen, vice president of property management at Greenway Plaza.
I was honored when the Zoning Committee Chair for the GHAC said, 'Tony you made a promise and you delivered,' in regards to our first build being completed on time and in a quality manner," Reynolds said of his recent meeting with the GHAC.
Their letter stated, "By unanimous consent, the GHAC agreed to support Mr.