GHRIGood Housekeeping Research Institute
GHRIGlobal Health Research Initiative (International Development Research Centre; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
GHRIGuy Harvey Research Institute (Florida)
GHRIGeneral Health Rating Index (nursing)
GHRIGreen House Replication Initiative
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Having the GHRI recognize Envirobase High Performance and Aquabase Plus as brands our collision centers and their customers can rely on is something we are proud of and hold in high regard.
Long-term movements for this species are not well known, but current tracks on animals tagged by the GHRI team off Ocean City, Maryland, monitored one animal as it traveled nearly 2,000 miles in the first 42 days after it was tagged.
The GHRI Steering Committee would like to clarify that the partner agencies and staff are hard at work drafting a five-year strategic plan with the aim to renew the partnership's Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) later this year.
The new GHRI strategic plan will build on the successes of this 10-year Canadian federal partnership.
In addition to the Kitchen Appliances & Technology Lab, the GHRI on Tour presented by IKEA features an additional six interactive labs with diorama-style windows that provide a look inside, along with a video of each lab's director explaining the products he/she evaluates.
GHRI on Tour presented by IKEA will make stops in the following markets in 2010: Charlotte, NC, Orlando, FL, Washington, DC, Bentonville, AR, Chicago, IL and Cincinnati, OH.
GHRI was established in 1999 as a collaboration between renowned marine artist Dr.
BACKGROUNDERS: Information on GHRI Information on the 13 teams and their projects on http://www.