GHRLGrampian Highland Resources Ltd. (UK)
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MMS), the leading provider of advanced, remote 3-D medical imaging and treatment planning applications supporting diagnosis and treatment management for aortic aneurysms, cancer and other diseases, has purchased the assets of GHRL, LLC, a Cambridge, Massachusetts provider of validated industry-standard technology for three-dimensional imaging of tumors.
By leveraging our in-house expertise in longitudinal tracking with the GHRL 3D-imaging technology, we can offer the industry-leading product in oncology," said Bill Greenrose, MMS senior vice president, clinical and regulatory affairs.
Polymorphisms and haplotypes in the bovine NPY, GHR, GHRL, IGF2, UCP2, and UCP3 genes and their associations with measures of growth, performance, feed efficiency and carcass merit in beef cattle.