GHRSGoddard High Resolution Spectrograph
GHRSGhosts and Hauntings Research Society (various locations)
GHRSGovernment Human Resource System (various states)
GHRSGlobal Human Resources Management
GHRSGlobal Human Resource Solutions LLC (Taiwan)
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GHRS was established by a consortium of successful American and European entrepreneurs in 2008 with the intention of meeting the global demand for green energy and products that are not just environmentally friendly but are produced from recycled (as much as 40% post-consumer and 20% pre-consumer) resources.
Overview: Use the GHRS to try to measure the abundance of deuterium left over from the Big Bang in the local interstellar medium.
The next step, says Heap, will be to use Hubble's GHRS to take spectra of the 10 or so other brightest stars in R136, to see whether the fast-evaporating one is a fluke or typical.
The images reveal the same knotty structure that is so obvious in the GHRS spectra.
Admissions Summary by Line of Service(a) LOS Total % of Total ABAS 99 36 BPO 1 Less than 1 FAS 18 6 GHRS 15 5 MCS 77 28 TLS 60 23 Non-LOS 5 More than 1 Total 275 100