GHXGlobal Healthcare Exchange
GHXGround Heat Exchanger
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A distributed heat pump system with water to air heat pumps located in a number of mechanical rooms throughout the building are connected to a horizontal directionally drilled (HDD) GHX installed under the parking lots on either side of the building.
The ROR calculations performed were better able to reflect the impacts of taxes seen by commercial office buildings, sensitivity to gas and electric prices for office buildings (only gas prices for schools as cooling is not the primary load), and variation in installation costs (drilling and GHX configuration is site sensitive and specific).
This study also revealed that in the case of a cooling-dominated building, the GHX length ([L.
In the last decades, mathematical models of different kinds of GHX are developed to assist design and simulation of GSHP systems.
The Hap-X payment exchange will be an important component to the GHX portfolio by enabling providers and suppliers to select the best value payment type per trading partner through a multi-mode payment platform that delivers mutual benefit to each party.
2] = Carbon Dioxide EER = Energy Efficiency Ratio; Btu's of heat transferred per watt of energy input GHX = geothermal earth heat exchanger (could also be a pond heat exchanger, river heat exchanger, etc.
In December 2004, we signed the contract with GHX to utilize their Web-based systems.
With each stage, GHX also has provided a temporary but significant increase in the daily yield at Prudhoe.
According to GHX Chief Commercial Officer Derek Smith, the move will help VUMC better manage its spending on devices, which can make up the majority of surgical costs in several procedures.
Resurrection Health Care ultimately chose GHX for its integration, data cleansing and automation processes.
6-billion GHX gas-handling project, has performed well above expectations since the first stage came on line in the fall of 1990.