GIASGreatly Increased Attack Speed (Diablo II)
GIASGateway Internet Access Services
GIASGeospatial and Imagery Access Services
GIASGCC Imagery Analysis Section (USFK specific)
GIASGod Is a System (graffiti artist)
GIASGroup Internal Audit Services (Liberty Group)
GIASGPS Integration Alternatives Study
GIASGruppo Industriale Alimenti Surgelati (Italian: Frozen Food Industry Group)
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The introduction of an enhanced GIAS program formalizes HyperBanner's commitment to ensure that its 200,000 members are not inadvertently bombarded by inappropriate materials.
With the GIAS Program, HyperBanner has instituted a three-layer approach: -0-
HyperBanner's GIAS is upheld by HyperBanner Network administrators who manually inspect each banner ad submitted to the Network.