GIAWGod Is a Woman (Ariana Grande song)
GIAWGenital Integrity Awareness Week (anti-circumcision campaign)
GIAWGlobal Incorporation Alliance Workshop (California)
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GIAW was a great opportunity to boost my intactivism, and I look forward to participating in more public intactivism.
The event at GIAW that has the greatest "protest" feel to me is the march from the Capitol to the White House.
What inspires me so much about GIAW is that we have so many willing to listen and ask questions and sincerely engage with us.
Making it to GIAW can have its difficulties for us all (financial, time constraints, family and work commitments, etc).
NOCIRC joined the GIAW organizers in 2001--the same year Steven and ARC first attended.
On March 26, the first day of GIAW 2013, the weather was really nice and sunny and there were lots of groups of young students on school trips Many of the students were extremely receptive to what we had to say, but their teachers and principals sometimes weren't so open-minded It wasn't uncommon for principals to threaten disciplinary action if students took our informational cards, but we always managed to find a student that would take a stack to dole out later out of sight from their chaperones It was always great when the intact young men would come over and take photos with us
I joined in on March 27, the second day of GIAW 2013, and found it to be a very powerful experience.
I was really impressed with this impact that GIAW had on educating people, and I look forward to being there next year.