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GiBGibibyte (2^30 Bytes)
GibGibibit (2^30 Bits)
GIBGood In Bed
GIBGastrointestinal Bleeding
GIBGuy In Back
GIBGibraltar, Gibraltar - Gibraltar (Airport Code)
GIBGranville Island Brewery (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
GIBGuaranteed Insurability Benefit
GIBGinsberg's Intelligent Bridge Player (Bridge-playing software)
GIBGlobal Internet Business
GIBGiant Inverted Boomerang (Vekoma made roller coaster)
GIBGeneral Information Book
GIBGeneral Instruction Book
GIBGamer's Italian Board
GIBGroup Interface Board
GIBGlobal Infrastructure Boom
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GIB CEO Abdulaziz Al-Helaissi said: "We are very pleased with this new venture.
Lauding the Bahraini authorities for the support, chairman Jammaz bin Abdullah Al Suhaimi said GIB had been a major contributor to the kingdom's financial services sector over the last 40 years.
Hastalarin Goldmann aplanasyon tonometre ile olculen LSK oncesi, LSK hemen sonrasi ve son takipteki GIB degerleri, yapilan LSK sayisi, LSK oncesi ve sonrasi kullanilan medikasyon sayisi kaydedildi.
For more than 40 years, GIB has been trusted by its clients in the kingdom to finance projects and investment services.
GIB selected Coupa after an extensive review of alternative solutions.
These awards follow the "Best Local Investment Bank in Bahrain" award that GIB Capital won for the year 2014.
Calismamizin amaci diyabetik makula odemi, retinal ven dal ve kok tikanikligina bagli makula odemi tedavisinde kullanilan IVTA'nin goz ici basinci uzerine etkisini ve GIB artisi acisindan olasi risk faktorlerini arastirmaktir.
GIB UK is a subsidiary of Bahrain-based Gulf International Bank (GIB).
The fact within a year of the GIB opening its doors we are now attracting in additional investment partners to leverage the PS3bn of equity capital that the GIB already has, demonstrates the value of this model.
GIB said in April its first-quarter 2012 net income had risen by 23% year-on-year to USD31.
This is the second time in less than three months that GIB receives such an award.
GIB, which is owned by the Saudi government, is the third largest bank in Bahrain in terms of assets.