GIBCGolden Isles Business Center (Hallandale Beach, FL)
GIBCGeneralized Impedance Boundary Condition
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Stewardship for the toll bridge and ownership of the GIBC passed from Voigt to his descendants.
Milestone Award plaques, like that awarded to the GIBC, are made of sturdy cast aluminum measuring 15 inches by 20 inches.
Later Quintos (1995) argued correctly that 0< [beta][less than or equal to]1 is not only necessary but also sufficient for the GIBC to hold.
However in the same paper, the author argued that even though under 0<[[beta][less than or equal to] still the GIBC holds, it has serious implicancies over the fiscal policies.
The 21-page document includes text and graphics that describe: primary and secondary GIBC bar code structures and formats; orientation and placement of symbols on packages; and tips on using GIBC effectively.
The development of the GIBC was made possible thanks to investment from Gateshead Council, One NorthEast through the TyneWear Partnership and European funding through the Government Office North-East.
We are extremely pleased to have secured a first class financing partner in GIBC to help us with our on-going project financing," said Peter Ostenfeld-Rosenthal.