GIBCOGrand Island Biological Company (tissue culture media enterprise)
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Propidium iodide (PI) was left on cells for a total of 10 min at room temperature, thereafter the cell culture media containing PI and calcein was removed and cells were washed twice with phosphate buffer solution (PBS; GIBCO, USA) and 1 ml of fresh RPMI-1640 cell culture media (with 10% FBS) was added prior to being assayed by fluorescence microscope (ZX70, OLYMPUS, Japan).
A custom Invitrogen GIBCO KnockOut[TM] growth factor cocktail that provides a simple and efficient way to transition feeder-based embryonic stem cell (ESC) and induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) cultures to feeder-free expansion
GIBCO, Molecular Probes, and Dynal are registered trademarks of Invitrogen and Life Technologies.
GIBCO and AIM V are registered trademarks of Invitrogen and Life Technologies Corporation.
The GIBCO OptiCHO Protein Express Kit enables biotherapeutics manufacturers to develop stable cell lines where proteins of therapeutic interest can be expressed and reproduced.
Invitrogen launched the redesigned GIBCO bottle in October of last year to offer scientists improved ease of use, storage efficiency, and reduced sample contamination for their cell culture experiments.
AmeriStar evaluated more than 100 packages in 15 different categories, with the GIBCO bottle receiving honors for the medical device category.
Invitrogen (Design), Invitrogen, Applied Biosystems, and GIBCO are registered trademarks, and SOLiD and StepOne are trademarks, of Life Technologies or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or certain other countries.
Invitrogen, part of Life Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: LIFE), a provider of innovative life science solutions, announced today that GIBCO cell culture media products were used in an experimental procedure to replace the trachea of a woman whose lung had collapsed.
Invitrogen Corporation (NASDAQ:IVGN), a provider of essential life science technologies for research, production and diagnostics, announced the global launch of its updated GIBCO cell culture media bottles.
We invested significant thought and energy into redesigning the GIBCO bottles, carefully observing how bench scientists work in cell culture," said Nicolas Barthelemy, Senior Vice President, Cell Systems Division for Invitrogen.
The company offers more than 1,200 products tailored to various parts of the stem cell research workflow for embryonic and adult stem cell populations, including Dynabeads[R] for cell separation; pre-conjugated stem cell antibodies from Molecular Probes; and gold standard media from GIBCO such as KNOCKOUT[TM] Serum Replacement and MesenPRO[TM] RS reduced serum medium for mesenchymal stem cells.