GICDFGaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation (Libya)
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The GICDF said that its conditions were accepted by the Israeli and Egyptian sides that cement and steel needed for construction of over five thousand homes destroyed by the Israeli army are to be allowed to enter the strip for the first time.
The Israeli navy on Tuesday made radio contact with a the Libyan Al-Amal Gaza aid ship as it was sailing towards Gaza this morning, the GICDF said in a statement posted its web site.
Youssef Sawani, GICDF Executive Director, who stressed the common interests and view between the two organizations.
IOM and the GICDF share the vision about migration as a human phenomenon, which has to be dealt with a comprehensive and farseeing approach.
Thanks to GICDF this contribution will keep being an important reference point for all those actors dealing with migration management.
Saif Al-Islam said the situation had improved in the Gaza Strip since GICDF sent a humanitarian ship 'Al-Amel' in an attempt to break Israeli blockade.
Saif Al-Islam told reporters that GICDF is playing the role of facilitator and the Libyan government was financing the projects being implemented in the occupied Palestinian territories.
The GICDF has earmarked $8 million as an initial cost for the process.