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Both in Baltoscandia and North America, the BC7 Isotope Zone covers an isotopically non-descript interval between the GICE and the KOPE (Rakvere) excursions in the lower Amorphognathus superbus conodont Zone.
Elsewhere in Baltoscandia, the pronounced GICE curves have been reported from Norway--in the Frognerkilen Formation, Oslo-Asker area (Bergstrom et al.
Chemostratigraphy reveals that this level is above the GICE peak interval (Kaljo et al.
Hence, the deposition of the Vasalemma Formation (Vasalemma and Saku facies) terminated within the peak GICE interval in the Rummu and Vasalemma areas.
These values are similar to those of the rising or falling limb of the GICE measured in the Saku-1098A section (Kaljo et al.
13]C values may correspond to this level below the GICE, which is observed in the overlying Lower Katian Yenwashan Formation (Munnecke et al.
2012) documented the GICE a few metres above the Kinnekulle K-bentonite, within the middle Freberga Formation (upper A.
There, the upper part of this unit was deposited during the GICE and the Kullsberg mound development terminated during the late GICE interval when sedimentation continued in the deeper setting at Solberga.