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This excursion, which is more prominent in North America than in Baltoscandia, is present just below the GICE (BC6 Isotope Zone) in the uppermost Copenhagen Formation in central Nevada (Bergstrom et al.
Hence, the deposition of the Vasalemma Formation (Vasalemma and Saku facies) terminated within the peak GICE interval in the Rummu and Vasalemma areas.
These values are similar to those of the rising or falling limb of the GICE measured in the Saku-1098A section (Kaljo et al.
The combined structural, lithological, faunal and geochemical evidence suggests a position of the Saku reefs within the late GICE interval at a stratigraphic level that is equivalent to the interval below 7.
Elsewhere in Baltoscandia, the pronounced GICE curves have been reported from Norway--in the Frognerkilen Formation, Oslo-Asker area (Bergstrom et al.
The SAICE, GICE and Kope excursions can be recognized in the Solberga 1 core section, although separation of the SAICE from the 'rising limb' of the protracted GICE interval may be a matter of debate.
Between the pronounced positive excursions of the MDICE and the GICE, the latter located in the Freberga Formation, there are two smaller positive excursions which have to be investigated for their potential to correlate on an intrabasinal scale.