GICIGlass Industry Consulting International (Laguna Niguel, CA)
GICIGovernment Institute of Cottage Industries (local arts and crafts promotion; Gangtok, Sikkim, India)
GICIGeneral Insurance Corporation of India (est. 1972)
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These studies provided evidence confirming the impressions and findings from many of the reports that the GICI cited.
Our past reports to the GICI suggested the use of chromosome aberrations and other epidemiologic markers of early group risk in new divers and the use of these markers to monitor adequacy of protective measures of failure (Richter et al.
With up to 200 000 000 GBP of funds, UKCI is a joint venture between UK Green Investment Climate International Limited ( GICI ), a wholly-owned subsidiary of GIB, and DECC.
The contracting authority for this contract is expected to be GIB, although we will need flexibility to consider whether any particular services should be contracted by the joint venture, UKCI, and in any event it may be that certain services will be provided for the benefit of each of GIB, GICI and UKCI even though GIB is the contracting party.
Investigador del GICI, sus areas de interes son la electronica de potencia y la regulacion de voltaje en generadoressincronicos.