GIEUGlobal Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates (University of Michigan; Ann Arbor, MI)
GIEUGraduate Into Employment Unit (University of Liverpool; UK)
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GIEU run eight programmes per year, each lasting six weeks.
The GIEU programme helps them to focus on the positive aspects of their skill base, '' said Moira.
GIEU offer a whole range of services to graduates in order to help them get a foothold in today's increasingly competitive job market.
GIEU have recently branched into life coaching and their `Working, Learning, Playing, Giving' booklet is aimed to teach not only `career tactics' but also how to sustain a healthy balance in the hectic 21st century.
People, including the graduates of GIEU,form the lifebl ood of the north west's public and private organisations.
GIEU has completed a pilot scheme of more than 100 people, who all said their lives had improved after completing the course.
A total of 16 training programmes will be run by GIEU during the two year course.
For further information contact Susan Shelbourne or Alexa Doherty at GIEU on 0151-709 1760