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However, at the household level, many smallholders and rural families are still recovering from losses due to the severe El Nio- associated drought, and they are vulnerable to a downturn, GIEWS noted.
GIEWS update, Food and Agricultural Organization, accessed 9 June 2015.
GIEWS Country Briefs provide up to date information on the food security situation of monitored countries.
Beyond southern Africa, GIEWS analysis of El Nio-related conditions also points to agricultural stress in northern Australia, parts of Indonesia and a wide swathe of Central America and Brazil.
The price of rice has remained relatively the same in real terms since the late 1990s (FAO GIEWS coarse rice price data); except for two periods of crisis in 2007/08 and 2010/11.
The GIEWS analysis said, "Weather forecasts indicate a higher probability of a continuation of below-normal rains between December and March across most countries.