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GIGNGroupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale (France, similar to SWAT team)
GIGNGlobal Investors Governance Network (international institutional investors)
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It was GIGN who stormed an Air France flight that had been hijacked by Algerian militants in December 1994.
DANGEROUS The GIGN would have been well prepared for what unfolded yesterday.
A team of the GIGN commando force that conducts anti-terrorist and hostage rescue operations is being sent to Djibouti to "reinforce" negotiation teams in place, the French foreign ministry said.
Two to six members of the GIGN were placed aboard flights on 23 December 2003, after intelligence from the US pointed to a possible threat to an Air France aircraft flying to the US.
The size of the GIGN teams is dependent on the number of passengers and aircraft configuration, according to the newspaper.
Although the book focuses on the military units, Neillands also touches on civilian counterparts where appropriate, including police organizations such as Germany's GSG-9, France's GIGN, and the United States' FBI Hostage Rescue Team.
His introduction came in the 1980s when Mr Bob Denard's mercenaries were admitted to the GIGN training centres.
Ticker Symbol: GIGN Booth: LVCC 18006 Media Contact: David J.
A car park next to the main N2 road was full of civilian buses being used to transport elite RAID and GIGN forces to the siege site.