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GIGSGrants in Graduate Studies (New York University)
GIGSGirona International Graduate School (University of Girona; Spain)
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He will jog back -- as Magdalen flippantly expressed it -- in the miller's gig.
The large gig with the steady old grey was at the front door, and Mr.
Meanwhile the gig approached, and the two girls exchanged affectionate greetings.
A gig was coming along the road; it was driven by Mr.
He was an authority on the stage, skilful on the ice or the links with skate or golf-club; he dressed with nice audacity, and, to put the finishing touch upon his glory, he kept a gig and a strong trotting-horse.
Constans, who was "seen by the captain to jump into the gig,"
But in this state of things the opposite certitude--namely, that David was still alive and in England--seemed to be brought by the testimony of a neighbour, who, having been on a journey to Cattelton, was pretty sure he had seen David in a gig, with a stout man driving by his side.
Crimsworth intimated to me that they were bringing the gig round to the door, and that in five minutes he should expect me to be ready to go down with him to X .
Her mother perceived, for the first time, that the second vehicle was not a humble conveyance like the first, but a spick-and-span gig or dog-cart, highly varnished and equipped.
This evil had been felt and lamented, at least three times a day, by Isabella since her residence in Bath; and she was now fated to feel and lament it once more, for at the very moment of coming opposite to Union Passage, and within view of the two gentlemen who were proceeding through the crowds, and threading the gutters of that interesting alley, they were prevented crossing by the approach of a gig, driven along on bad pavement by a most knowing-looking coachman with all the vehemence that could most fitly endanger the lives of himself, his companion, and his horse.
The steward and the black I observed putting stores aboard the captain's gig as it overhung the water from the stern davits.
He was driving toward Pierre in a covered gig, sitting beside a young surgeon, and on recognizing Pierre he told the Cossack who occupied the driver's seat to pull up.