GIGTGestational Impared Glucose Tolerance
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the participating pregnant women were categorized in NGT as well as GDM and GIGT groups.
Table-I: Clinical characteristics of patients in the GDM GIGT and NGT groups (n/%).
higher in the GDM compared to the GIGT and NGT groups (pless than 0.
Pregnancy weight gain and HOMA-IR correlated with OGTT hyperglycemia in the one hour GIGT subgroup: We divided the GIGT patients in subgroups depending whether one blood glucose concentration was higher than 10.
Table-II: Metabolic parameters in the GDM GIGT and NGT groups.
Table-III: Clinical characteristics and metabolic parameters in GIGT subgroups.
The data indicate that HOMA-IR abnormalities in the first hour of the OGTT can be used to determine GIGT.
21 We also assessed insulin resistance with HOMAIR in this study and found that HOMA-IR values in the GDM group were significantly higher than in GIGT or NGT patients which indicated a significant insulin resistance.
27 In our study we found that the weight gain as well as the HOMA-IR were significantly higher in the 1-hour GIGT hyperglycemia than in the 2-hourand 3-hour subgroups showing that a 1-hour glucose abnormality in GIGT patients was associated with higher insulin resistant severity.
Our finding that 1-hour glucose abnormalities in GIGT patients were associated with more severe insulin resistance supports the latest criteria of IADPSG.