GIINGoethe-Institut Inter Nationes (German: worldwide network of cultural institutes)
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On the basis of some 30 interviews with investors and entrepreneurs, GIIN shows that investors employ strategies throughout the life of their investments to ensure the sustainability of the impact that they seek to create.
Mudaliar said that recent research conducted by the GIIN found that private equity firms in the impact investing space achieved market returns comparable with buyout firms operating without a social or environmental mandate.
The GIIN and corresponding database of FFIs serve as the official notification to withholding agents that the FFI is exempt from withholding under FATCA.
GIIN identifies four core characteristics of impact investing: (1) intentionality, (2) investment with return expectations, (3) range of return expectations and asset classes, and (4) impact measurement.
Although investors have been making socially and environmentally motivated investments for quite some time, collaboration to develop a coherent and supportive market has increased significantly in the last five years," said Amit Bouri, Managing Director at the GIIN and co-author of the report.
According to the research examined by GIIN, these so-called concessionary impact investments can be a sustainable funding source for impactful organizations historically reliant solely on grant funding.
Likewise, it would also be helpful to develop a general awareness of the standards of the GIIN, the GRI, and SASB.
The IRS will issue the first GIIN list on June 2, 2014.
The GIIN looks forward to continuing our work with industry practitioners to support market growth.
State Street Wants Companies to Disclose Climate-Related Strategies * Impact Investors Manage $114 Billion in Assets: GIIN Annual Survey
The Rockefeller and Tony Elumelu Foundations support the program, via the Global Impact Investment Network s ( GIIN ) Africa Impact Economy Innovations Fund ("IEIF").