GIIPGas Initially In Place
GIIPGlobal Information Internship Program
GIIPGuanzhong Irrigation Improvement Project (China; World Bank)
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GIIP has put together highly specialized programs to be conducted by international and Indian IP Attorneys, Patent Agents & experts, to provide comprehensive knowledge in the business, technical and legal aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.
GIIP is currently offering 5 scholarships to meritorious students enrolling for the Full Time programs.
GIIP provides a vibrant, challenging, and focused learning-intensive academic ambience to all its students, cutting across diverse disciplines in the firmament of Intellectual Property.
Tullow plans a work programme designed to substantially increase existing production levels with the potential to increase the ultimate recovery to 50% of GIIP.
Reservoir Potential GIIP (Bscf) Potential Reserves (Bscf) P50 P10 P50 P10 Cretaceous 1,065 2,200 687 1,434 Jurassic 2,124 4,594 1,375 2,961 Total 3,189 6,794 2,062 4,395 Bscf: billion standard cubic feet
Paknad also states, "By working with UCSC GIIP interns, a generation of social entrepreneurs will graduate with actual experience that is equal parts advanced technology and its social application, better preparing them for careers that contribute to bridging the digital divide.
By fostering a powerful convergence of rigorous academic discipline applied to one of today' most relevant -- and urgent -- social issues, this new partnership between R101 and GIIP exemplifies positive social activism in a most productive way.
GIIP raises the organizational effectiveness of community, human rights, and environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs) by strengthening their capacity to use the tools of Internet-based information and communication applications.
Additional discoveries have offset the lower pressures resulting in marginal changes in Contingent Resources and GIIP.