GIIPGood International Industry Practice (standards)
GIIPGas Initially In Place
GIIPGlobal Information Internship Program
GIIPGuanzhong Irrigation Improvement Project (China; World Bank)
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Finally, at the Companys Nyuni Area licence, the Pmean GIIP of 4.
Mean gross GIIP increased by 200% from 153 bcf to 466 bcf
High estimate gross GIIP increased by 240% from 332 bcf to 1.
GIIP has put together highly specialized programs to be conducted by international and Indian IP Attorneys, Patent Agents & experts, to provide comprehensive knowledge in the business, technical and legal aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.
GIIP provides training services covering IP generation, protection, commercialization and management.
By fostering a powerful convergence of rigorous academic discipline applied to one of today' most relevant -- and urgent -- social issues, this new partnership between R101 and GIIP exemplifies positive social activism in a most productive way.
However, the Companys interpretation of the reprocessed data on Cronx suggests that the GIIP on Cronx is likely to be slightly lower than the estimates in the ERC Equipoise Competent Persons Report dated July 2012.
Additional discoveries have offset the lower pressures resulting in marginal changes in Contingent Resources and GIIP.
ERCE has reported, an estimated Mean undiscovered GIIP of approximately 20 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of gas net to Egdon, with a range from approximately 7 to 38 TCF.
Across the Companys total portfolio, aggregate Best Estimate GIIP and P50 prospective resource estimated to have increased to 4.
Prospective Resources associated with those leads on P2253 and P2258 have been provided by Simwell Resources, and reviewed by the Company, with gross GIIP estimated to be in the range of 576BCF to 2,602 BCF and combined P50 net Prospective Resources of 303 BCF of gas for Lead Z, C North and Hz-80 Fault Abutment.
The RISC assessment has increased the GIIP estimate to 11.