GILSGovernment Information Locator Service
GILSGlobal Information Locator Service
GILSGovernment/Industry Logistics Support
GILSGPS Interference Location System
GILSGuide to Information Literacy (Sarasota County, FL)
GILSGround Independent Landing System
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GILS was chosen as a case study so that we can begin to understand how meta-data systems support the construction of interoperable systems.
Meta-data (such as the GILS system) can provide pointers to potentially useful information.
GILS was also interesting because it required interoperability to implement, but it also facilitated interoperability.
We decided to conduct both the GILS and the environmental reporting case studies in the same states to control for the unique characteristics, laws, and history of each state.
I recently attended the first gathering of state GILS developers specifically devoted to the GILS-planning topic.
The grant funds a project to demonstrate the effectiveness of the GILS tool developed by the Washington State Library and to establish a GILS pilot project in the three other states.
A GILS is usually defined in terms of pragmatic or practical coverage and abilities.
Public demand for GILS continues to rise for a number of reasons.
GILS Service Targeted at Smaller Government Agencies
The Blue Angel GILS service is geared to those government agencies that don't have the resources or expertise to effectively comply with the government's GILS requirements.
GILS is a standard that is being used by government and commercial entities around the world to define a common structure for information.
The GILS service is specifically designed so that it can be used effectively regardless of level of technical proficiency.