GIMACGlobal Integrated Martial Arts Centre (British Columbia, Canada)
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This success lent momentum and following a conference which was organised by FAS to strategise on how best to coordinate efforts, GIMAC was officially born.
For this reason GIMAC, through its thematic and regional focal points has worked to disseminate the instrument to the widest possible audience and to monitor its implementation at a national and regional level.
Bineta Diop knows if I'm coming to GIMAC, there must be dancing.
The GIMAC network has produced a document to acknowledge and recognise the women from various countries that have contributed to the liberation struggle for independence as well as those that continue to contribute to the social, economic and political development in Africa post independence will be recognised.
One of the greatest achievements of the GIMAC was that it has given a voice and support to African women.
GIMAC also recognises the importance of raising a generation of young people who are gender sensitive and therefore favours an intergenerational mix approach.