GIMEGdansk Institute for Market Economics (Poland)
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0] is a pre-exponential constant that gathers terms not strongly dependent on the temperature and has different values corresponding to the different re gimes of crystallization.
It is essential, building on our original concept, to withdraw particular areas from the gimes that now pose threats to survival.
Ilgametis lietuviskosios aukstosios mokyklos darbuotojas Justinas Mikuckas yra gimes 1912 m.
Morientes' agent Gimes Carvagal flew into London yesterday for talks with Spurs manager Hoddle and chairman Daniel Levy to try to thrash out a pounds 15.
Detective Chief Inspector Alan Gimes said:" "The two guards were not seriously harmed but one received a blow to the back of the head.
Det Chief Insp Alan Gimes told an inquest: "He held the belief that money would not be paid out if he chose to take his life himself.
Paderewskis, kalbedamas apie naujai atidengta paminkla, pabreze, kad jis gimes ne is neapykantos, o is gilios meiles Tevynei, jos didingai praeiciai, siandieninei negaliai ir viltingai ateiciai.
Vilnius, gimes neizengiamu giriu apsuptyje, uzaugo ir sutvirtejo pagoniskoje kulturoje, kuri reiskesi prieraisumu ir pagarba laukinei gamtai.