GIMFGlobal Islamic Media Front (propaganda arm of Al-Qaeda)
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The GIMF simulation, represented by the blue line replicates this development and shows a rise in G3 debt-to-GDP ratios over roughly a 10- year period by the amounts forecast in the WEO baseline between 2007 and 2017.
The stimulus was likely instrumental is averting a potential deflationary spiral and protracted period of exceedingly high unemployment, macroeconomic conditions that general equilibrium models such as the GIMF are not well suited to capture.
GIMF simulations are useful way to trace potential long-term trend outcomes for GDP when G3 countries heave high public debt, but in an uncertain world, the distributions around those trend outcomes must be considered, given the potential range of future macroeconomic surprises.
Monetary and Fiscal Policy Options for Dealing with External Shocks Insights from the GIMF for Colombia.
8) Varios Bancos Centrales han empezado a trabajar con el GIMF, entre ellos la Autoridad Monetaria de Hong Kong (HKMA), Banco Central de Rusia (BCR), Banco de Portugal (BdP), Banco de Francia (BdF).
The GIMF has produced one popular instructional video that shows how to assemble an AK-47 rifle.
The GIMF also produced and distributed a video called Jihad Academy that portrays the events of a single day in the life of a mujahid ("warrior") and includes clips by jihadi groups in Iraq such as the Islamic Army in Iraq (al-Jaysh al-Islami fil-'Iraq).
For instance, Sawt al-Khilafah (Voice of the Caliphate), a video "newsletter" of the GIMF, presented an interview with a representative of the Partisans of the Sunna Army that attacked and warned the Islamic Party and its leaders about their support of the Iraqi government.
The GIMF released an online game called "Quest for Bush" that involves players armed with guns shooting at the character representing former President Bush (Weimann 2008).
The 17-minute video is aimed at "those who like to see American crusader blood flowing", the GIMF said.
For his GIMF activities Mahmoud was convicted and imprisoned in 2007 and released in 2011.