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GIOPGeneral Inter-ORB Protocol (CORBA)
GIOPGlucocorticoid Induced Osteoporosis (bone disease)
GIOPGeneral Inter Operable Protocol
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There is no definitive study demonstrating that any of these agents actually prevents fractures in patients with GIOP.
This review will focus on GIOP and the role in protecting the bone of patients taking glucocorticoids played by various agents including calcium and vitamin D, calcitonin, estrogen, raloxifene, the bisphosphonates, and the anabolic agent parathyroid hormone (PTH).
Prevention and treatment of GIOP should no longer be considered the purview of specialists, nor the sole responsibility of the physician prescribing the glucocorticoids," Dr.
Separated CDR encoding machine - a variable encoding machine plug-on such that the GIOP machine may perform encodings other than CDR such as for example CCDR.
Four new specifications concentrate in realtime and high-performance computing: One defines data distribution pathways for realtime systems; another will allow programmers to add new communications protocols to real-time object request brokers (ORBs); a third standardizes load balancing and performance monitoring facilities for large scalable ORBs; and the last in this group maps the standard CORBA protocol GIOP to the telecommunications standard SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) for use in next generation mobile telecommunications networks.
Other standards efforts initiated at this meeting include a mapping of the CORBA protocol GIOP to the telecommunications Stream Control Transmission Protocol or SCTP, and a facility that will serve security authorization tokens to CORBA applications.
Finally, ORB Interoperability is discussed, including the importance of IOR and GIOP, and the mappings to IIOP and ESIOPs.
e*ORB has been benchmarked against industry-leading ORBs and has demonstrated an improvement of almost 50% in marshalling speed over the previous leader, an improvement of almost 80% in throughput volume over its closest competitor and the absolute lowest latency of any ORB tested -- Low memory footprint -- ideal for smaller, low-power CPUs found on mobile devices -- Pluggable protocol framework (PPF) -- allows e*ORB to operate in a wide variety of environments including GIOP over UDP, ATM, IrDA and TCP/IP (IIOP).
Expersoft will be among the first vendors to deliver a commercial UNO implementation to the marketplace, and the GIOP (General Inter-ORB Protocol) component of the new CORBA 2.
The GIOP protocol component, primarily developed by Expersoft, was derived from Expersoft's original technology submission to the OMG Task Force and is based on technology already in Expersoft's XShell, the company's flagship distributed object management environment (DOME).
As a standard, mandatory wire protocol, the GIOP will provide end-users with "out-of-the-box" interoperability for CORBA 2-compliant products.