GISBGas Industry Standards Board
GISBGlobal ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Strategy Bureau (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications; Japan)
GISBGrate Inlet Skimmer Box (storm drain equipment)
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GISB no longer will be a separate organization and its procedures and agenda will be moved intact to NAESB.
2 system is a GISB-compliant product for nominations and confirmations along with other pertinent GISB data.
If in fact, though, it is easier for a shipper's gas control operation to use the proprietary non-GISB standard mechanisms, and if the cost of using the proprietary system is imbedded in a pipeline's rates rather than charged as a separate service, it's possible that many shippers will elect not to participate in the GISB standards at all; that in fact, it will be one more party that the FERC gave and no one came.
In developing the model contract, GISB first had to grapple with the issue of revising its charter to accommodate the request for a model contract.
The industry now has a great vehicle for progress in GISB.
We have three main goals: First, the GISB will develop and maintain voluntary market based standards to simply and expand electronic communications and business practices which lead to a seamless marketplace for natural gas.
Third, the GISB will enhance the reliability of gas service through easy access to the information standards needed for critical business transactions.
EC Outlook's support for the GISB standards ensures the interoperability of EC Outlook's B-to-B integration platform and value chain applications with all existing GISB implementations," said Mathew Verghese, EC Outlook's president and COO.
EC Outlook, which recently signed a multi-year software licensing agreement with GISB member and energy industry leader Enron Corporation, helps companies rapidly connect with their suppliers, customers and other value chain partners.
The GISB Electronic Delivery Mechanism (EDM) certification ensures that products meet stringent standards critical to successful e-commerce between trading partners over the Internet.
GISB develops and maintains voluntary standards governing electronic communications for business transactions within the natural gas industry.
Already at the forefront of the industry with its support for AS1/AS2, the company recently announced support for the stringent security standards set by GISB (Gas Industry Standards Board).