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Chapter two frames the long life of the Sufi Gisu Daraz (1321-1422) to illustrate the rooting of Islam in the south (his shrine near Gulbarga attracts devotees of all ranks and faiths).
Le livre edite par David Riches, The Anthroplogy of Violence, propose par exemple des analyses de la tauromachie (Marvin 1986), de la violence dans le cinema japonais (Moeran 1986), et du rituel de circoncision Gisu (Heald 1986).
1986, << The Ritual Use of Violence : Circumcision among the Gisu of Uganda >> : 7085, in D.
The ritual use of violence: Circumcision among the Gisu of Uganda.
Jamana, who narrates "Atman" (Sanskrit for "soul"), starts his 4,5000-mile trek from a southern village to northern mountain and back again, with his brother Gisu and the brother's large family along for the trip, which happens on foot, bus and various means of water transport.
1998) Controlling Anger: the anthropology of Gisu violence.
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